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Hi, I am Andriana! A Holistic Nutritionist, Author and Wellness Expert

I help my clients achieve their health and wellness goals with practical and realistic advice. I provide my clients the tools they need to lose weight, restore their gut health, reduce cravings, support stable blood sugar levels and increase energy levels.

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Nourish my Body by Andriana

Nourish my Body is a downloadable 30-day nutritional eBook created by Andriana founder of Nutrition in Wellness.

This guide offers 74 of Andriana’s personal recipes that are so delicious and mouth-watering that you will be craving them for years to come. 

It will help you to lose weight, improve your skin, reduce stress, reduce cravings, support stable blood sugar levels and increase energy levels. 

Andriana created these recipes so you will feel happy, nourished and fulfilled with the foods you create, setting a new standard for your body and what it deserves.

What my clients say...


Andriana is amazing! She helped me with weight loss and I feel so much better. She is very knowledgeable and gives you the best plan!

by Helen

Thank you Andriana for the wonderful eating plans. I love your holistic approach and how you listen to my needs and change up my plan. I feel great with more energy now.     

by James

I went to Andriana because I was feeling so down and struggle to lose weight. The eating plan she gave me not only helped me lose weight but cleared my skin and improved my gut health. She was always available to help or give more advice whenever I needed it.

by Jennifer 

Andriana helped me to make healthier choices and lose weight. She also helped me with gut and skin issues. Her meal plans are super easy and Delicious! Highly recommend!!

by Maria

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When you work alongside a Registered Nutritionist, Southern Cross members can claim back on their nutrition consultation.

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