The biggest nutrition mistakes

The biggest nutrition mistakes
Let’s be honest, nutrition can be confusing. It doesn’t matter what topic you research, you will always find contradictory information telling you to do different things. Although some nutrition topics are more debated than others, many people are still confused about some of the foundational nutrition principles and are making common nutrition mistakes that are preventing them from reaching their goals. So, here are the most common nutrition mistakes.

🍋Paying Attention to Calories but not Food Quality
The foundation of any good diet begins with the quality of the food that you eat. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, improve digesting, support ageing, or simply eat better, the quality of the food that you eat is more important than how much you eat.

🥑Undereating or overeating Carbohydrates
if you undereat or overeat carbohydrates you will spike your blood sugar and crash down later, and get hungrier throughout the day. It is really important to eat the right carbs with the right combination!

🍓Overconsuming Natural Sugars
Yes, fruit, fruit juice, dried juice, maple syrup and honey are natural sweeteners and much better options than refined sugars, however, there is still a limit to how much you can or should consume. All forms of dietary sugar, whether they are natural or refined, break down into glucose (sugar) by our digestive tract.

🥥Thinking that Fresher is Always Better
Of course, frozen pizzas and microwave dinners are a less than ideal choice, but when it comes to whole food, frozen is just as good as fresh. Freezing food is simply a method of preservation, much like pickling, fermenting and curing, that is used to keep perishables foods for longer periods of time. Freezing whole foods does not diminish their nutritional value, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, it helps to preserve it.

🥝Thinking that One “Bad” Meal Destroys Everything
One meal, one day or even one week of indulgence will not undo weeks, months and years of balanced choices. Eating well is about the long game, not the short game, and if you focus too narrowly on one treat or one meal you can lose perspective. Creating a balanced diet that works the long-term includes indulgences, they are built into the program, they are not separate from it.

Andriana xx

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